If You Are Looking For Information and News About the Car Industry, Look No Further: Learn More About CarGlobe

The automotive world is exciting and interesting thanks to all the innovations that technology brings about. There is a lot of information regarding the world of cars and transportation, but no channel or outlet is better at it than Car Globe.

CarGlobe.mx is an online media outlet with automotive information and sale of advertising space created in 2012 by its CEO Sergio Mariscal. Since its creation, CarGlobe has enjoyed great acceptance by the public and the different brands of cars with which they work.

We are a digital media where you can discover all the news surrounding the exciting world of cars. All of us from the CarGlobe Team carry a mixture of gasoline and oil in our veins.” Explains Sergio.

What motivated Sergio to create his company was his desire to grow and earn money doing something he feels completely passionate about as is the world of motoring in all its forms both competitive and casual use. 

Based on this motivation, Sergio decided to dedicate himself 100% to the automotive world. He sold his previous business, and invested it into founding CarGlobe. With this new business, one of the challenges was building a reliable team.

“One of the biggest challenges has been knowing how to share and delegate tasks with my team. Letting others help me run the business successfully in itself is a challenge.” Sergio explains, and adds, “There will always be people who want to step on you or throw you down, but you have to learn to use all that to your advantage and serve as an impetus to rise to stardom. From everything (good or not so good) we can take something positive that will help us learn and improve.”

CarGlobe stands out from the rest because they are an honest media outlet that tells it like it is. They do not look like other media, which often focus on negative news or clickbait to be at the top.

CarGlobe is also distinct because it is led by Sergio Mariscal, who is very passionate about cars and the car industry. He has assembled a team of other professionals who care about the industry and keep up with car news on their own.

“We are a multiplatform media that manages to entertain in different ways in each space of each social network. We always provide quality content to the public, which fortunately has shown us over the years to be faithful and stay with us.” Sergio states.

As a CEO with experience managing multiple businesses, Sergio understands the value of planning when starting a new business. His advice for new business owners is to have plans for every step of the way: how to launch, maintain profits and add value. 

“Make sure that what you are going to do is something you like, are passionate about, and that you can wake up every day with a smile and excitement to start working on. Choose something that gives you more satisfaction. There are businesses in which you can think you will earn a lot but you will not like the work, and that only leads to failure.” He says.

The future looks bright for CarGloble. They want to continue growing every day and also to be able to make the brand known to more people around the world, while informing and entertaining their followers who are passionate about the automotive world.

We also have plans to enter the business of luxury and non-luxury guaranteed pre-owned cars, and the automotive leasing world with the brand.” Sergio states.

Learn more about CarGlobe.mx and Sergio Mariscal here.