Cáceres, La Lírica is Ready To Work On His Own Music After Years of Producing Hits For Latin Music’s Biggest Artists

Mario Alberto Cáceres Pacheco, better known as Cáceres, La Lírica, is a Venezuelan artist, composer and producer who went from working as an Uber driver to writing some of the biggest hits of urban music in the last decade.

The list of hits written or produced by Cáceres include “Felices Los 4” by Maluma, “Vacaciones” by Wisin, “Mayores” by Becky G and Bad Bunny, “No Me Acuerdo” by Thalía and Natti Natasha, “Justicia” by Silvestre Dangond and Natti Natasha and many more.

Cáceres’ hits have reached the impressive figure of more than 7 billion streams on different platforms. He is also the author and singer of the song that became an anthem for Venezuelan immigrants “Volver a casa”, which went viral five years ago, through a homemade video that shook the entire Venezuelan community worldwide. 

Most recently, Cáceres has been collaborating with the sonero of the world Oscar d’Leon in a song written by him, which fuses salsa and urban music. For Cáceres, music is his life passion–he wrote his first song when he was just eight years old.

“I opened my own music business, although I never thought I would receive money for it. It was only for love, fascination, infinite admiration for music, and the need for expression. I dedicated my whole life to it. I devoted myself to studying and understanding it in all its areas, from the art itself, through the technical part, and in recent years, the business part, as an industry.” Cáceres explains.

Cáceres refers to his business as a song factory from which the entire creation and process is developed from its birth, and every last detail is taken care of for its launch and commercialization. 

His love and passion for music have been paying off along the way and as proof of this, six years ago in the United States, one of his songs completely transformed his life and gave him the joy of being able to enter the Latin music industry worldwide.

Despite the successes achieved over the years, Cáceres’ love for music prevents him from seeing it as a kind of business. He sees music as a gift that God gave him to be able to sustain himself and his family while transmitting joy to the world and to be a source of inspiration.  

For me, music was never a business. I would rather pay to do it. But when my daughter was born, I understood that it was the gift that God gave me to provide for myself, to supply for my own and in turn bring joy to the world and inspire many others.” Cáceres shares.

In today’s Latin music industry, Caceres differentiates himself from other artists and producers through his lyrics, which is by far one of the most distinctive contributions of his music.

The ability to merge rhythms between the challenging and the modern. It is so dynamic and contagious, with real stories that connect with the masses, retaking the romanticism and combining with the mischief of these times. The fact that Venezuela is such a culturally rich country where for years it has received nationalities from all over the world has allowed him to combine colors, rhythms, nuances, and universal melodies.” He adds.

Right now, Cáceres is focused on developing his career as an artist, creating a lot of music, writing songs, collaborations, fusions, and musical experiments to enrich the Latin music scene worldwide. Also in the future, he plans to elaborate his 1st album as a singer. 

“I am currently working on my first album as a singer. I will also continue to work on creating memorable songs for people and grow as an independent label that serves as a platform for new talents.” Cáceres says.

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