Meet Alejandro Deli: The Mexican Creative Director, Actor, and Author Behind Successful Projects and Books Like “Lamentos del Viento”

Alejandro Deli is the CEO of the production and design studio that bears his name. He is also a bestselling author and actor, who has loved the world of film, design and books since he was very young.

“When I was younger, I would spend entire days reading books or watching movies to immerse myself in those worlds that other authors had created with great dedication. After some time, I took a liking to creating films and when I was 15, I fell in love with musical theater.” Alejandro shares.

Since then, Alejandro dedicated himself to musical theater in Mexico for over a decade, working with wonderful directors and great actors in a variety of shows. But he has always had a particular passion for graphic design, which he ended up studying, and led to the launch of his own studio, Alejandro Deli studio.

I think it is very important to feed our passion with tools that enrich it, which today allows me with my business to dedicate myself fully to creative writing, film, and advertising.” He says.

For a while, Alejandro moved away from his beginnings because he was immersed in the advertising world. He was no longer characterized by his acting side, which made him feel lost or without direction. 

There were times when I no longer knew who I was, what I wanted, or where I was going.” Alejandro explains, and adds, “To solve this, I made a deep internal analysis and rediscovered the person who as a child created fantastic universes.”

That is what led to the writing of his first script in 2018 “Lamentos del Viento” (Wails of the Wind). Alejandro earned the “Excellent Script” award given by the Spanish company Filmarket Hub, as well as a special mention at the Sitges Film Festival.

After the creation of “Lamentos del Viento,” Alejandro was also invited to the first edition of LATAM Pitchbox, allowing him to present his story to leaders of the Latin American film industry.

Seeing the success of “Lamentos del Viento, ” Alejandro decided to write the story as a novel and released it in 2019. Since then, the novel has remained in the top 100 bestselling books on Amazon reaching thousands of readers across the world.

“I get messages from readers all over the world who write to me about the book, which ratifies to me that sitting down to write was the best decision I could make.” Alejandro states.

Since Alejandro was very young, he always dreamed of writing a novel. In fact, he remembers he would stand in the windows of bookstores as a child and seeing so many books displayed before him, he would tell himself that someday one of his stories would be part of that wonderful world.

Reviews for “Lamentos del Viento” comment that it is “classic, beautiful, clean, sweet, sad, and moving.” Others call it a “masterful book that grabs you, hooks you and makes you wish it would never end.”

What allows Alejandro to stand out from other writers is the fact that he has acquired over the years a series of skills related to art, which he combines at the moment of creating a new story, allowing him to majestically enrich the final result.

Alejandro’s next project in development is his second novel called “El Llanto del Bosque” (The Cry of the Woods) which will be a story of terror and drama based on the film script of the same name, which shows the nightmare parents of a lost son experience.

Also in March 2022, Alejandro and his colleagues will release the short film “El Hombre Sin Rostro” (The Faceless Man) which tells the story of Laura, a girl who disappeared without a trace after a mysterious man stalked her for days. 

“This short film is directed by Sergio Siruela, who is an Emmy Award-nominated director, produced by Laura “L.A.” Barbato (Twelve 83 Entertainment), Nacho Mazzini (NMF Films), Miguel M. Vallés (Etérea Films), and Fernando Urdapilleta. The short film features the wonderful performances of Tamara Vallarta (Tijuana – Netflix), Mauricio Isaac (Narcos: Mexico – Netflix) and Camila Nuñez (Journey to the Center of the Earth – Disney+).” Alejandro says.

Learn more about Alejandro Deli and his productions here.