Sergio Bruna: Most Demanded Sales Coach in the Latin US Market. Learn Why!

Starting a business, a new project or developing a new idea is extremely challenging. You have to figure out your identity, your target, the problem you’re solving and why your product/service/idea is important. Even if you have the best and most innovative invention ever, it won’t matter if you don’t know how to sell it.

“Only when you’re convinced that your product will add value to others, and you are able to communicate it with energy, conviction, authenticity, people will acquire it. This way of presenting with passion and conviction is infectious and contagious, making the prospect to take action and get it”. These are the words of Sergio Bruna, the most demanded sales coach in the US Latin market.

Entrepreneur, conference speaker, sales guru, consultant for more than 30 international enterprises, more than 700 million dollars in sales, Sergio Bruna stands out as a master seller. And now has a program to train others to become the same. The best part? It’s accessible to everybody and is focused to Hispanic people. 

His training method follows The Sales Encyclopedia, a custom-made set of tools based on his 25 years of experience in the sales market and his learnings with other experts in the field. It is the most effective and impactful program in the Hispanic market. It has different modules through videos that will teach people how to maneuver the science of setting deals and selling your ideas in the best way possible.

“It provides people with lessons and efficient tools to achieve success in their jobs, companies and personal lives. This will allow them not only to follow their dreams, but also give their friends and family the life they’ve also dreamed of for them. The Sales Encyclopedia provides people the knowledge and secrets to manage any negotiation and close the deal in a fast, effective and solid way, where both parts end up winning.”

After knowing all this, it’s clear why Sergio is the most wanted and respected sales trainer in the Latin US market. And he is working to continue growing his reputation, by touring the US, Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia, selling his program and encouraging more people to join such a fruitful experience.

Sergio’s strategy and teachings are based on his experience and practice, following other recognized people and trying different methods in the field. After finding the most effective one, he is sharing it in his encyclopedia. He wants to help people become successful and content with their lives.

Sergio’s special message to people is: “the world belongs to those who are ready to conquer it”. Prepare yourself to do so effectively with Sergio’s The Sales Encyclopedia program here.