E Mortgage Capital (EMC), one of the largest independent mortgage platforms, led by CEO Joseph Shalaby, has experienced tremendous growth in 2022 with over 200 new mortgage professionals choosing to join the organization.

Joseph Shalaby is a UCSB alumni graduating with honors this year and head behind E Mortgage Capital, a full service mortgage company that offers extensive options for residential mortgages, with offices all over the US, approval in 25 states and over 500 licensed loan officers. Joseph is also an immigrant from Cairo, Egypt, and had to work from scratch to have everything he owns and runs nowadays.

“Perpetual rejection and failure have always been a part of the journey. We have faced multiple hurdles with disbelief, compliance, capacity, and finding the right talent”, comments Joseph. Despite the difficult times, Joseph endured in his path, for he was inspired to open E Mortgage by his desire to positively impact people. 

He always wanted to serve people and he lives with that purpose. In this sense, with his profession, he wants to  help them achieve the dream of owning a home, and help the less fortunate who are overextended in their bills to get out of their debt.

Fortunately, he has been pretty successful at it. E Mortgage Capital is leading the industry with state-of-the-art technology, perpetual innovations, in-house funding, the ability to close loans within 10 days, and leading rates. It is the only platform in the US to have all the following 6 attributes:

  1. It’s the 1st mortgage banker in the country to give branches a raw sheet with the most aggressive compensation plan and splits in the industry.
  2. It’s the 1st mortgage banker in the US to give branches EPO protection.
  3. It’s the 1st mortgage banker in the country to offer Flex Closing (24/7 funding).
  4. It has free marketing, coaching and daily training, as well as curriculum support.
  5. It has free closing gifts for all closed clients, either in the case of refinance or purchase.
  6. And finally, in California, all sellers escrow fees waived for new realtor partners.

It seems like E Mortgage Capital is the right way to go when deciding to buy a new house or property. Nevertheless, Joseph says that for it to be this way, they had to face the previous months of 2022, which have been the toughest for the company.

“This year has been the toughest year we have experienced in over 40 years, and we were down about 90% in volume until August, which has been the first month we have turned our production. We have managed to finally take a turn in a declining market and we are going to do 25% more business than what we did in July. This is due to hyper-aggressive growth, improved marketing strategy, added coaching, and implementation of a daily training curriculum.”

Such a situation is an example of Joseph and his team’s determination, innovation and resourcefulness to solve the different challenges that come ahead. Having overcome that, now they intend to expand their footprint in more states and have 1,000 more producing loan officers for the remainder of the year. Additionally, they will be adding tons of resources, technology, coaching, support, education and cultivating minds. 

Find out more about Joseph and E Mortgage Capital here. And if you’re thinking about buying a house, then what are you waiting for? Take advantage of his amazing services and don’t miss out on the opportunity.