The many facets of AshleyCa$h. Female entrepreneur of several businesses and mother of three.

Meet Ashley Henderson, also known as AshleyCa$h, and welcome to her empire. Ashley has constructed her business from the ground up. Currently Ashley and her sister co-own Bella Sorella Body Image (Beautiful Sisters), in Las Vegas, while carrying out operations of her other businesses like her car rental company Ezeekeys Rental, Global Billboards, and rental property.

Ashley always had the mindset and motivation to be an entrepreneur. Ever since a young age, from foster home to foster home, she focused on herself and relied on herself. By 16, she started living on her own, while going to school and work. She realized at that age that becoming an entrepreneur and living the life she wanted on her terms, was her goal. By 19, as a full-fledged mother, she was more determined and eager for greatness than ever. Ashley went back to school, became a medical assistant, and worked in pediatrics for 6 years. As an escape from her 9-5 in the medical field, she delved deep into the world of business. Fast forward to now, she is the owner of several successful businesses and counting. Regardless of the personal and professional struggles, she faced along her way to greatness, she is now the perfect role model for her three daughters and an inspiration for many other young independent females.

“I love to inspire other women and encourage them and to uplift spirits making everyone feel beautiful and loved.”

As an aesthetician/skin care specialist at Bella Sorella, Ashley can relate to clients and target their goals to achieve beautiful skin. As the owner of EzeeKeys, she provides the best car rental services, whether it’s basic or luxury, that meet her client’s needs. With her success, she even empowers other entrepreneurs, with Global Billboards, by helping them expose their brands and talent through advertisement. Now Ashley is looking to collaborate with local hotels and casinos that don’t currently offer spa services and will continue to expand her businesses and rental properties to other major cities. It’s nothing but up for Ashley.

For more information check out Bella Sorella, Global Billboards, and Ezee Keys. Follow Ashley on Instagram @ashleycassh