The latest innovation in hair treatments: Hair Detox Tara Hair Care

The Detox Tara Hair Care formula was created by Mariela Taratuta with the main objective of providing solutions for hair health, thus creating a product specially designed to be used at home, completely organic and biodegradable.

What is hair detox?

Hair detox is a treatment that aims to cleanse and detoxify the scalp and hair from impurities and residues accumulated from the use of hair products, pollution, and other environmental factors. This residue can cause damage to the hair, decrease its shine and elasticity, and clog the pores of the scalp, which in turn can impede natural growth.

For whom is the use of hair detox recommended?

Hair detox is recommended for any type of hair, especially for those who regularly use hair products such as gels, mousses, lacquers, etc., or who live in areas with high levels of environmental pollution. It may also be beneficial for people experiencing problems such as dandruff, itchiness, scalp irritation, hair loss, or dullness.

Hair detox steps:

The hair detox process includes the application of 3 specific products. First the shampoo, which eliminates waste by balancing the PH. Then, the next step is the detox that acts in only 5 minutes of exposure, and finally the neutralizing mask that provides hydration and sealing, leaving a thickening effect on the hair cuticle and giving it more strength. These products contain natural ingredients, such as essential oils, plant extracts, and collagen, that help remove excess oil and dirt.

How often should hair be detoxified?

It is important to note that hair detox is not a treatment that should be done too frequently, as it can have an excessively drying effect on the hair and scalp if used excessively. It is recommended to do it every two or three weeks, or according to the specific needs of each person.