Poligrama is the #1 Company in Mexico in Public Opinion Studies, Massive Messaging and Political Communications Strategy

Poligrama is a polling company with more than 15 years of experience based in Mexico. They specialize in public opinion studies, massive positioning through calls, text messages and social media, and political communication strategies. 

Poligrama was created to innovate in politics understanding that the challenges that arise today require more information. In addition, Poligrama addresses an identifiable issue: the political consulting industry has not evolved much.

The directors of the company Patricio Morelos and Héctor Zuno have always understood that personal brand is crucial when it comes to politics. They wanted to build a company that was scalable to have as many clients as possible, always prioritizing having a good reputation.

“At Poligrama, reputation is everything for us. That is why we have never lied to any client or accepted money to tweak polling results. Unlike other pollsters, we are also always developing new products because we do not like to stay in our comfort zone.” Morelos and Zuno share.

Poligrama is led by the most successful political consultants of their generation. Patricio Morelos is the political consultant with the highest positioning in social media, and both Morelos and Zuno have established a new way of political communication. 

For 15 years, Poligrama has worked transparently and professionally with candidates and governments across Mexico. On their website, interested clients and readers can find their blog on politics and polling and more information on the services they offer.

“We noticed that although people talk about communications and persuasion, these people rarely know how to brand themselves. But personal branding is fundamental in politics.” They stress.

Today, Poligrama’s polls are the most accurate in Mexico. Through the excellent knowledge and operation of technologies and big data, they are able to provide real information to their clients and also reach the electorate. 

For example, they have made more than 110 million calls to citizens in Mexico through which they disseminate recorded messages from politicians. This is a key tool for campaigns.

These are some of the reasons why Poligrama has been recognized with Reed Latino and The Napolitan Victory Awards. The team is aware of the importance of mindset, patience, trust and partnerships.

“We understand that Poligrama’s decisions have the capacity to impact the lives of millions of people, which is why we are very responsible with our data and our work.”

Poligrama continues to work hard every day to remain the main reference in polling throughout Mexico and Latin America. In 2024, they seek to be the pollster that provides the best results in the presidential elections in Mexico and also to venture into the exciting market of United States politics.
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