NFTs Are Capturing the Nation! Alex Fellenze and His Company, Prestige Media, Helped Layth Samarah and Minty Swap Rocket to the Top of the NFT World.

NFTs, better known as Non-fungible tokens, have taken off in the past year. Many people have found themselves getting involved in the world of NFTs as they have garnered more and more attention. However, many people in the NFT sphere need a better marketing plan and strategy. This is where Prestige Media Advertising and Alex Fellenz come in.

“Prestige Media Advertising is the company that created a marketing plan for a company called Minty Swap. Minty Swap’s goal was to make an incredible impact in the NFT space, which they did, a very large presence. Prestige Media Advertising was responsible for creating the marketing plan, Ad campaigns and celebrity/influencer plans,” Alex explains.

The campaign was supported by many a-list celebrities who helped push the plan. These celebrities include Snoop Dogg, Amber Rose, and many others. Because of the success of Prestige Media and its cooperation with Minty Swap, their NFT was able to meet the six million dollar mark. 

According to CEO of Minty Swap, Layth Samarah, the long term planning and coordination of working with Alex and Prestige Media Advertising was a game changer for them. It made their lives much easier. 

“It was all strategically planned! As I run many other successful companies, this was no different when it comes to planning and executing. The right team, the right moves at the right time, has made this project into a huge success and I could not have been more grateful for the people involved who made it a reality and saw my vision,” Layth recounts.

What makes Prestige Media different from others in the industry is the mastermind behind it all, Alex Fellenz. Alex is very skilled and his approach to marketing to stand out from the rest always makes working with him entertaining and exciting.

On his end, Alex loved working with Minty Swap as well as he and Layth found that their working styles meshed beautifully, which led to a more prosperous and successful relationship for both teams.

“Working with Layth is always a good time, anytime we connect on a project it becomes a fun time cause we are both so like minded. Layth is great example of smart Entrepreneur, working alongside him and his team has been a pleasure and myself and my team at Prestige Media are very grateful for his business and the overall success of this project, 6 million dollars in revenue in 60 days not only created success history for Layth, but it created the best return on Ad spend in the shortest amount of time, for Prestige Media Advertising. We are thrilled to be the Marketing agency who was a part of creating a 6 million dollar company in 2 short months,” Alex states.

Layth and Alex have big plans for the future and plan on continuing their collaboration in order to reach new heights. To find out more about them, follow them on instagram here and check out their website here.