NFT Collection by The Ledge Introduces Entertainment 3.0, a New Way to Consume

Everyone has watched as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrency have become all the rage in the world of technology and finance. The blockchain is now a mainstream commodity, with total cryptocurrency market cap exceeding $2 trillion and the NFT market cap forecasted to grow to $35 billion in 2022. 

This inconceivably rapid growth has created opportunities for businesses to expand their focus to applications of blockchain-related technology. Play-to-earn games, metaverse real-estate and NFT wearables are concepts that have been born from the acceptance of blockchain development. 

The Ledge, a new crypto conglomerate, is looking to take advantage of the opportunities created by the industry surge with a project they think will change the “Why” behind content consumption. The Ledge is creating the first ever view-to-earn utility platform, allowing users to earn tokens through consuming digital content.

Jake DeZwirek and Michael Griffare  the founders of The Ledge, Alongside their partner Zach Christensen. To describe this view-to-earn concept, The Ledge has coined the term Entertainment 3.0, a tribrid of blockchain-based technology, the NFT space, and the traditional online content you know and love. 

Access to the Entertainment 3.0 movement is granted through holding an item from The Ledge’s first NFT collection, “Ledgers NFT”. A cartoon depiction of a character sitting on a ledge, Ledgers NFT is not only a digital asset investors can buy, sell, and trade, but it also doubles as your pass to the view-to-earn platform they are creating.

When asked about what separates themselves from other NFT collections, the team behind the project said, “We see an NFT space filled with projects competing to establish themselves as THE collection – fighting for eyes and industry hype. We don’t want to be a competitor, but rather the string that ties each collection together and furthers the space as a whole. We think view-to-earn is a perfect way to grow the market across the board, to build-up rather than tear-down”.

The Ledge has already found success in the early stages of their project roll out, selling out both of their private pre-sale phases for Ledgers NFT. Investors who missed out on the opportunity to mint during the private sales were eager to join the community, some spending as much as 7x the initial cost when buying from the secondary market. 

The Ledge looks to capitalize on their first-mover advantage in a nascent NFT market. Having already found success thus far and with a detailed and structured plan for what’s to come, The Ledge is truly the next must-know name in the crypto/NFT space. Gold mint is live now!

If you’re interested in being a part of the Entertainment 3.0 movement, check out their discord community and visit their website for roadmap information, sneak peeks and more. You can also follow The Ledge on Twitter and Instagram and keep tabs on what’s to come.