Next Level Recovery Associates’ is Dedicated to Holistic Well-Being: Meet Amanda Marino, the Head of the Company

Amanda Marino has carved a unique path in the field of mental health and addiction recovery with her company, Next Level Recovery Associates.

In my journey, I’ve transformed my life and thousands of others’ in personalized and creative ways. I bring together the best team of medical, clinical, and coaching professionals to create lasting change,” Amanda shares.

Next Level Recovery Associates, specializes in providing concierge mental health services and addressing various types of addiction and behaviors that hinder personal growth and well-being.

I wanted to redefine this white glove, concierge service. We treat our team and clients like gold because it is what they deserve,” Amanda explains.

Amanda Marino’s journey, coupled with her observations of the gaps in behavioral health care, motivated her to start Next Level Recovery Associates. She was doing similar work for other companies before she decided to start her own.

The opportunity to help others is what motivated Amanda to launch Next Level Recovery Associates. To be able to look at someone who thinks that no one in the world has been through what they are going through and tell them that she understands them drove her to launch a company that provided exactly that service. 

Being able to walk that journey with people is more rewarding than I could ever imagine,” Amanda emphasizes.

Amanda believes that mindset is crucial. A significant portion of the population desires to pursue activities beyond their current ones, yet many refrain due to fear.

With the right mindset, you have fear and do it anyway.” Amanda comments, and advises other entrepreneurs by saying, “I did my passion work on the side for two years while building my brand, marketing myself, and holding a full-time job that I was successful in. I was set up to take the leap, and never looked back.” 

Stepping into her new role as the sole owner of Next Level Recovery Associates, Amanda focuses on the first quarter as a period of shifting dynamics. She welcomes new ideas and input from her recently promoted top leaders. 

Embracing vulnerability, Amanda aims to connect with others on a deeper level. Additionally, she is preparing for the launch of a television show, “Intervention,” on which she will appear in three episodes in March 2024. 

Amanda also looks forward to speaking engagements both within and outside her industry on an international scale. Her goals include expanding her international business and team, as well as increasing charitable contributions by partnering with nonprofits. 

Despite the challenges of navigating unknown territory, Amanda embraces the potential for growth with an open mind. She continues to stand out from her competition because she strives to be relatable and approachable, giving her whole heart to each client. 

Amanda’s primary focus is making a difference, and she is committed to always prioritizing people and their unique needs, regardless of her own growth and her company’s. Emphasizing a team-centered approach, she and her team provide tremendous support and uplift those who collaborate with them.

No one will ever be a number to me. We are setting new standards of communication and collaboration, as we feel people deserve it.” Amanda states.

Experience the Next Level of mental health and addiction recovery. Join Amanda Marino’s community today and start your journey towards a healthier, happier life.