Meet Rigo Caro: The Entrepreneur and Businessman Behind the Growing Innovative Marketing Agency El Cubo Creativo

Rigo Caro is an entrepreneur, businessman, and marketer, who after having worked for several years in different multinational companies, took the decision to change his life and start from scratch a new profession that would give him more opportunities and allow him to have a better lifestyle.

Rigo manages a marketing agency that he founded in 2013 under the name of El Cubo Creativo (The Creative Cube), integrated by a group of professional consultants who are specialists in various areas such as sales, business, training, marketing logistics, strategic planning, administrative and financial operational areas. 

I am an expert in everything related to social media and digital marketing. I teach businessmen and entrepreneurs to find freedom by becoming successful entrepreneurs, without sacrificing the things that matter most, including family, friends, and dreams.” Rigo shares.

In the path of entrepreneurship, Rigo discovered that the solution to many of the problems people have is within their minds, so there is no goal that can not be achieved. It is all about having a clear vision of what you want and having a strong mindset, working hard and with passion to achieve the proposed goals.

Since he was a child, Rigo already had that entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes him. One of his first business ventures was when he started making photocopies of one of his friends’ drawings and selling them. 

Rigo’s interest in business did nothing but grow as he read books, watched documentaries, participated in different courses and in general took advantage of any opportunity that came his way to learn more about the business world, until he felt prepared enough to take the decision to have his own business.

“It was not easy. There were many challenges along the way but with hard work and determination, I managed to make my business a success. Today, it is thriving and I am proud to be its owner and the help we give to people with it.” Rigo says.

Rigo started his business “El Cubo Creativo” with a team of two people (he and one programmer). From the beginning, his clients loved working with them because they always brought excellent ideas that allowed them to obtain the desired results.

“After a while, it became necessary to recruit new members to the team. Now it is a team with wonderful and talented people that use their expertise to create incredible marketing campaigns.” Rigo explains.

One of the biggest obstacles that Rigo and his team have had to face like many other business owners has been the COVID pandemic and the financial uncertainty it generated.

In Rigo’s case, many people who were part of his team had to leave because they were not prepared to face the situation that was coming. However, due to this experience, they were able to create different action plans that allow them to work under undesired circumstances, thus avoiding making the mistakes of the past.

“My advice to people wishing to start a sustainable business is: make your company work with the lowest possible costs, know about the market and industry you are in, assemble a good work team, be clear about the variables of your business and create action plans for each of them, control the sale price of your product, master digital marketing and metrics.” Rigo states, and says, “Having the right mindset is critical when running your own business. You have to have determination, perseverance and motivation. It is important to know how to accept rejection and move on. There will be times when things don’t go your way and you have to get up and try again. It is important to stay focused on your goals and not drift from them. If you have determination and passion for your business, you will have a higher chance of success.”

El Cubo Creativo is able to differentiate itself from other competitors because of many aspects: 

1) Service: They provide a service tailored to each of their clients, studying their market and needs.

We are an agency that does not hold anything back and share everything we believe necessary to help our clients achieve their goals, sales tips, monitoring, administration, finance, and more.” Rigo adds. 

2) Flexibility: They care about listening to their clients in order to understand their business and help them achieve their goals.

3) Accessibility: They provide group training to keep their clients updated.

With new trends and things we see that work in digital marketing and entrepreneurship, we like to keep our clients updated through group training.” He says.

In the near future, Rigo plans to grow El Cubo Creativo to become the #1 marketing agency in the United States and Latin America. If you want to know more about Rigo, click here.