Meet Julián Blanco and Elizabeth Reyes: Mentors and Strategists Helping Entrepreneurs Achieve Success

Elizabeth Reyes and Julián Blanco, also known as Eli and Juli, are mentors and strategists for entrepreneurs and content creators. They are the founders of La Cocina que Suena, a business that combines their passion for cooking, creativity, and entrepreneurship. 

Eli is a chemist specializing in innovation and product design management, while Juli is a professional chef, theologian, and sales expert. Both have also developed expertise in digital content creation.

Eli and Julli met during the pandemic when  Eli worked in the innovation department of a well-known multinational company and Juli was a seminarian. They shared a fascination for social media and started creating content as a hobby alongside their daily occupations.

In 2021, Juli decided to leave the seminary as he felt that although he had enjoyed his time there, it didn’t fully fulfill him. During this transitional period, Eli supported and helped him to move forward. A few months later, they started a romantic relationship and began thinking about potential projects they could do together.

From that first moment, we wanted to start a business. Firstly because Eli had dedicated his last seven years to entrepreneurship in the multinational company where she worked and had just finished a specialization in product design management. And secondly because after leaving the seminar, Juli connected with his childhood dream of having his own business.” They explain.

Eli and Juli couple explored various ventures, including selling clothing and pastries, but they felt that these endeavors didn’t have the impact they desired. They realized that their true calling was to help aspiring entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of starting their businesses.

This realization led to the birth of La Cocina que Suena in late March 2022. Initially, it was a platform focused on creating simple and delicious recipes while delivering messages of motivation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. 

Their backgrounds in cooking and content creation allowed them to make a unique and innovative impact on their audience. In less than a year, they garnered half a million organic followers and collaborated with numerous brands in the gastronomy industry.

It was something quite innovative and we were able to begin to impact many people with our messages. In other words, we began to fulfill our dream.” They say.

Additionally, Eli and Juli launched a mentorship program for entrepreneurs through which they have helped dozens of individuals bring their business ideas to life or revitalize existing ventures. Their four-month mentorship program covers the entire process from idea conception to business implementation. 

We are currently at the top of the digital creators in the gastronomic area in Colombia and we are shaping up to be a reference in the area of entrepreneurship.” Eli and Juli state.

La Cocina que Suena operates with two business models. Firstly, they create recipe content with messages of motivation, entrepreneurship, and creativity. Brands in the gastronomy industry partner with them to promote their products within these recipes. Secondly, they provide mentorship and guidance to entrepreneurs, helping them develop and launch their businesses or overcome stagnation in existing ventures.

Eli and Juli’s motivation for starting their business stems from their desire to communicate a powerful message to the world: it is possible to pursue and achieve the dream of entrepreneurship. 

They aim to empower individuals who are unhappy in their 9-to-5 jobs and have always wanted to start their businesses but are held back by fear of failure. Their mission is to enable these aspiring entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams and live the fulfilling lives they deserve.

Starting a business presents several significant challenges. Eli and Juli identify three key hurdles entrepreneurs face:

1. Generating innovative and impactful ideas: Many entrepreneurs struggle to develop ideas that are truly innovative and differentiated, often resulting in common and unsuccessful ventures.

2. Creating compelling content: In today’s digital world, content creation is crucial for attracting and engaging customers. Entrepreneurs need to produce high-quality and impactful content to reach a broad audience.

3. Sales and marketing: Many entrepreneurs lack the necessary sales skills and are either hesitant or fearful when it comes to selling their products or services. A solid offer and an effective sales strategy are essential for business success.

For those aspiring to start their businesses or brands, Eli and Juli offer a powerful piece of advice: take action. They emphasize the importance of not remaining stagnant or simply planning in one’s head without executing those plans. They encourage individuals to seize opportunities, as allowing life to pass by without realizing their dreams can lead to regret in the future.

La Cocina que Suena has several future projects in the pipeline. The couple is currently planning to expand their mentorship program for entrepreneurs. They are refining their systems to accommodate a larger number of mentees and provide even more comprehensive support.

Ready to make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality? Join La Cocina que Suena’s mentorship program today and get the guidance you need to start or revitalize your business. Don’t wait—click here to take action now and unlock your path to success!