Mariana Umana Is The Content Creator Who Is Revolutionizing The Industry and Making A Positive Impact On Society. Learn More Here!

Society is continuously evolving and over the years it has brought along the rise of social media influencers. For brands, the incorporation of social media influencers in their digital marketing campaigns has become a fantastic way to increase their follower count, consumer base and boost their sales. The truth is that influencers have altered a change in our way of purchasing! Also, most would agree that they have a significant impact on today’s society. Their influence can be seen in the way we think, behave and interact with the world.

In that sense, Mariana Umana, also known as Its Mariana Us, is an amazing social media influencer, content creator, blogger, entrepreneur and businesswoman. She decided she wanted to become an influencer seven years ago. Since she was little, Mariana had always had a great ability to communicate and to influence the lives of those around her. Therefore, she decided to use that great skill for the good and to help everyone around her with tips, practical information and useful knowledge.

“Years ago I decided to create a travel blog. I love to  travel, so I started sharing travel tips with my entire community. My content was a success, and little by little I started creating content related to fashion, lifestyle and much more. Then, after the birth of my first daughter, Mia, I focused much more on talking about honest motherhood”, Mariana shares.

Now, Mariana has two daughters: Mia and Maya. She manages to stand out from the crowd because she speaks honestly and transparently about motherhood. Through her social networks, she shares with her entire community useful information about respectful parenting, sleep routines, baby led weaning, activities with children and much more. Plus, she debunks myths about motherhood and talks about what no one else wants to talk about.

“I want my community to see me as a real person. I am a mom who also has difficult days, and who deals with fear, doubts and uncertainty. We have to start talking about all those hard things. Being a mother is the best thing that has ever happened to me, but it is not always easy. I am here to help all the moms who feel the same”, Mariana adds.

What’s more, she teaches her entire community what it’s like to be a work-at-home mom who generates income through social media. That way she can stay at home with her daughters and generate income at the same time, which is not an easy task for any mom!

But of course, not everything has been easy on Mariana’s journey. Being an influencer in a world as competitive as the current one is a complicated task. Mariana had to deal with criticism from others, with doubts and with the fear of not knowing if she would be successful. But she never gave up, quite the opposite! Mariana preferred to follow her dreams and help all the people who are part of her extensive community. 

In addition, her mother, who was her role model and her main support, passed away four years ago. Mariana felt very lonely and disoriented, and her philosophy of life changed forever. She understood that life is very short, that we only have the present moment and that we must do everything possible to live happy lives and to help others.

“I want to make a positive impact in this world. For me, helping everyone around me is a priority. I do that by sharing my experience and knowledge, as well as tips and useful information. I want people to know that they are not alone”, Mariana details.

Currently, Mariana has a big community of followers who love her work and support her. As Mariana always says, being a mother is not always easy, but knowing that there is a community of people who live, feel and think the same as you makes everything more bearable. Through Instagram, Facebook and TikTok she shares daily content, which immediately has great engagement!

Her blog,, is also a benchmark in today’s society. Mariana shares information about her life, her experience with motherhood, products and recommendations, recipes, travel tips and much more.

“My work has completely changed my life. Knowing that there is a great community of people who love what I do and who I help every day is something that has no comparison!”, she explains.

Despite all the work that Mariana has already done, she isn’t planning to slow down any time soon. In fact, she has some amazing plans for 2023:

“This year is going to be great! Soon I plan to launch a brand of products that will be a must-have for the whole family. In addition, I’ll continue sharing content with my community and impacting the lives of thousands of people. Stay tuned!”

Without a doubt, Mariana’s story is a source of hard work and inspiration not only to bloggers and entrepreneurs, but to all of us. To find out more about her work, follow her on Instagram here, check out her blog here and follow her on TikTok here.