Marc Jospitre Consulting, a company that created a new model of business community

Introducing Marc Jospitre Consulting, a coaching company that is thinking outside the box for the benefit of their clients. Social distancing and home office have changed the way we do business forever. Realizing the importance of human connection the owners of the company Marc Jospitre and his wife and business partner Dana sat down and recreated the service idea for their clients. Marc Jospitre Consulting is not just a successful coaching company but also a safe space for business owners to create results, quality relations and new business within their community. 

Founder, Marc Jospitre, launched his consulting business after he got introduced to the teachings of Bob Proctor, who became his mentor. Marc’s mission is to empower the Spanish speaking business community and bring them to the top of today’s world economy. The main focus of the company are business owners and insurance agents. The coaching business was not Marc’s first attempt of becoming a successful business owner himself. Despite previous struggles his vision for change kept him going. With the experience of building a 7 figure business Marc is teaching his clients to create their results of success breaking traditional rules of business. 

In just five years, Marc Jospitre Consulting became the #1 coaching company in the Spanish speaking world coaching the method from legendary Bob Proctor, and #5 in the world. The same tools, guidance and integrity Marc gathered from his mentor Bob Proctor and his own experience are transferred to 1000’s of business owners across the globe. The return to human to human and providing a safe space for any entrepreneur to strive for their own goals makes this coaching company so successful. 

Headquartered in Mexico, Marc Jospitre Consulting is actively expanding across the hispanic market. Through virtual events and live conferences, any business owner and insurance agent can learn to create the results in their business and life they really want. 

For more information on Marc Jospitre Consulting, follow them on Instagram @marcjospitre (English) or @losimparables_marcjospitre (Spanish).

If you want to get the feel of their business community you can join their group on Fb @Los Imparables Empresarios y Agentes de Seguros – Marc Jospitre (Spanish)