Lizeth Duque is the Young Entrepreneur Behind the Successful Cleaning Producer Drops: Learn More About Her High-Quality Products

Lizeth Duque is the young entrepreneur, social communicator, journalist, influencer and businesswoman behind Drops By Lizeth Duque, an international company that offers high-quality cleaning products in Colombia, Mexico and the United States.

Facing the challenges and difficulties that the COVID 19 pandemic brought to the entrepreneurial industry, Lizeth was forced to set aside her previous company “Woodberry Kids,” and instead decided to use her experience as an influencer in social media to promote an idea that she had developed for a long time.

“Drops’ flagship product is the Grout Cleaner & Whitener, which to date has had unimaginable success. At first, we started showing the product in my social media to see if people would be interested in buying. Seeing there was interest, my husband and I created sale strategies through e-commerce and contacting influencers from all over the world to give the product visibility.” Lizeth shares.

Although at first they only wanted to sell it retail, they then turned the business upside down and decided to give thousands of women heads of households the opportunity to start a business with the product on their own. That is when they began selling the product wholesale too.

After their initial success, Lizeth and her husband focused on identifying what could be the biggest problems that people had when cleaning their homes and as a result of that, they created new products that together made up the kit par excellence for easy and quick cleaning of the home.

“One of the products in the kit is a glass cleaner that contains degreasing agents and leaves the glass better than new, and the other is a stain remover that managed to revolutionize social networks because it removes most stains in just seconds.” She says. 

Today, Drops is a star product in Colombia, not only for its efficiency in cleaning and disinfecting floors, bathrooms, showers, sinks and countertops, but also because it is a great business opportunity for thousands of Colombians.

“People who wish to sell our product receive audiovisual material from us and all they have to do is publish in their social media.” Lizeth explains.

Drops products are marketed not only in Colombia but also in the United States and Mexico. They also sell their products through Amazon, where they are one of the best-selling products.

“I was motivated to start this business by my desire to teach my kids with my example. I was able to see that my previous entrepreneurship project had reached its peak, let it go and started this business. I am never attached to anything. If it doesn’t work after struggling and exhausting all the resources, it simply doesn’t work and a chapter closes.” She states.

In her professional path, Lizeth has encountered different obstacles. One of the biggest challenges was dealing with the globalization and internationalization of Drops products, since exporting is a complex issue because each country has different regulations that must be strictly complied with to allow its commercialization in that country.

“To deal with obstacles and challenges, mindset is very helpful. Mindset can be everything. If you are not mentally clear and concentrated, you will hardly be able to move forward with your plans.” Lizeth says.

In the near future, Lizeth contemplates the possibility of covering a greater number of distribution channels for her products, as well as continuing to expand internationally by selling in other countries and making her products known worldwide.

“On a personal level, I do think that although you can never stop dreaming and setting goals, today I feel like a fulfilled woman.” She adds.

Learn more about Lizeth and Drops here.