Juan Camilo Sanclemente: The Defender of Just Causes Who Transforms Lives

Juan Camilo Sanclemente is a lawyer and the president of the Defensa de Inocentes Foundation, a Colombian organization of lawyers specializing in strategic litigation. Founded in 2012, Defensa de Inocentes offers legal services throughout Colombia and also assists those who wish to invest in the country. 

Additionally, he has been working in the Inter-American Human Rights System. Juan Camilo, also known as the defender of just causes, decided to start this journey in his second year of law school, driven by his desire to fight against injustices and protect the rights and interests of his clients through his work as a lawyer.

His main motivation was to confront inequalities and provide strong legal support to those in need, using his knowledge and skills to make a significant difference in people’s lives. This commitment to justice and the defense of others’ rights became the driving force that led Juan Camilo to forge his path in the legal field.

I discovered that I had to fight against the injustices of the legal system and that, through my work as a lawyer, I could provide new opportunities to many people. I always give my all and take on each case as if it were my own, with the sole objective of making my clients’ justice our shared struggle,” Juan Camilo notes.

Currently, as the leader of Defensa de Inocentes, Juan Camilo has managed cases of great national significance, tirelessly working to ensure the well-being and justice of his clients. His dedication to each case is evident in the meticulous preparation and personal attention he provides. 

Under his leadership, the organization has successfully tackled complex legal challenges, ranging from high-profile criminal defense to intricate human rights cases. Juan Camilo’s commitment to his client’s best interests has earned him a reputation for excellence and integrity in the legal community, making Defensa de Inocentes a trusted ally for those seeking justice in Colombia.

For Juan Camilo, the biggest challenge in starting a business is surpassing oneself. He firmly believes that the main competition is with oneself.

The most important thing is to be very clear about what you want to achieve and be very disciplined, even on days when you don’t wake up with that positive attitude,” Juan Camilo says.

Juan Camilo considers mindset crucial for running a business. He emphasizes the importance of setting goals, designing a strategy to achieve them, working as a team, and being original.

Every process is unique, and every effort always has its reward,” Juan Camilo expresses.

Juan Camilo’s advice for those who want to start their business or brand is to believe in themselves and not try to imitate others. Authenticity and clarity of goals are essential. He also values the role that mentors can play.

With the experience, I have been gaining and from other lawyers who have been my mentors, we have come through every battle successfully,” Juan Camilo expresses.

Regarding future projects, Juan Camilo mentions strategic alliances with various lawyers and the expansion of Defensa de Inocentes’ service portfolio.

We are going to venture into immigration law in the United States for those citizens who want to invest or reside in the United States,”  Juan Camilo comments.

What sets Defensa de Inocentes apart from the competition is that it is composed of lawyers who are experts in strategic litigation and who take on each client’s case as their own.

Despite his young age as a lawyer, Juan Camilo has handled cases of great national importance, such as the Hacker Sepúlveda case in Colombia, always achieving the well-being of his clients.

Since that moment, there have been several important cases in which we have participated, always vying for the well-being of our clients,” Juan Camilo notes.

If you need legal assistance and believe your rights are being violated, do not hesitate to contact Defensa de Inocentes. The defender of just causes, Juan Camilo Sanclemente, and his team are ready to fight for you.