Greg Scheinman Created a New Path to Success for the Middle Age Man through His 6F’s Program. Find Out How You Can Get Involved Below.

Midlife males have a new advocate on the scene. For years, many men going through their midlife years have felt alone and not recognized by the many life coaches and experts who assist people through the hardest portions of their lives. Greg Scheinman is here to change that. 

Greg is more than meets the eye. He is a performance coach, a top podcaster with a podcast directly made for middle aged men, and he is even an investor and brand ambassador. Greg’s goal is to help men maximize what he believes can be some of the best years of their lives.

“I help men maximize middle age. Performance Coaching. I also advise, consult, and invest in the brands that help these men the most. I’m an author,  speaker and I put out a kickass podcast and newsletter every week,” Greg explains.

Greg’s strategy focuses on something he calls the 6Fs. These F’s are crucial to Greg’s coaching philosophy and what he believes can make all the difference. Those who don’t follow his steps often end up suffering the consequences of their age and the time that they don’t spend working on themselves.

My perspective on work and life for the Midlife Male is simple. We all are navigating 6F’s—Family, Fitness, Finance, Food, Fashion, and Fun—and my job as your coach is to help you design the life you want by turning your F’s to A’s. Start by surrounding yourself with people you love and trust and ideas you care about. Resolve to bring passion, authenticity, humility, and transparency to everything you do. Your report card will never be the same,” Greg states.

Greg is able to separate out his ideas and his business from others by just focusing on being authentically himself and not caring about the competition around him. Rather than worrying about others, he focuses on bettering himself to make his goals and dreams come true.

“I differentiate myself by not being in competition in the first place. By just being myself. By living my message. By being authentic, genuine, transparent, vulnerable and real.  There’s only one me so as long as I’m true to myself then that makes me different from everyone else out there.  There’s room for everyone to succeed so I don’t really see competition, I focus on opportunities,” Greg says.

Greg has many incredible projects coming up. He details them below:

Professionally, my biggest priority is growing my Performance Coaching business. I’ll be releasing my first book in June and launching my speaking business. In addition, I also want to grow my podcast and newsletter and working with brands that want to reach the midlife male demographic are all part of growing into the premier digital media platform for midlife males and the brands that want to reach them.”

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