Found and Creator of IBF Law Group, Sheree Wright Works Tirelessly to Even the Odds Against Racism in the Legal System

It is widely understood that the justice system does not treat all participants equally. Despite our best efforts–or sometimes not so best efforts–justice is never blind and outcomes can be affected by your skin color, religion, and income. However, there are some that choose to fight back against this system and work to help those that would otherwise be left to defend themselves. 

One of these people is Sheree Wright. Sheree was born in Jamaica, moved to the United States, and now practices law here. Sheree’s journey toward empowerment began when she went to DePaul University in Chicago for her bachelor’s degree. There, she joined the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) as an investigator.

“My main focus there was to investigate cases that involved employment discrimination based on age, race, sex, gender, or disabilities in Fortune 500 companies,” Sheree shares.

However, Sheree’s first hand experience with racism was really what ignited her passion for justice and fighting against a system that she believes is severely flawed. At a young age, she witnessed one of her classmates’ dad’s public execution by a white nationalist. 

For the average person, this would have had a crippling effect that would have pushed them away from fighting back. However, Sheree is no average person and it lit a flame in her that ignited in her current passion for fighting against this kind of treatment and others like it all around the United States.

Before ending up in Illinois, Sheree’s studies took her to Arizona where she added another layer to her fight against injustice. She played a crucial role in launching The Wright Way Foundation.

“The foundation seeks to reduce poverty and homelessness while generating and providing educational resources necessary to support youths, families, groups, and educators in Jamaica,Sheree explains.

Besides devoting time to advocacy, Sheree started IBF Law Group, a well-respected law practice in Phoenix, Arizona that helps families in Arizona and New Mexico with legal issues.

IBF Law Group is known for caring about and helping marginalized communities with the legal system. They strongly support the rights of minorities. They provide thorough legal help and expert advice to make sure these communities get fair and unbiased solutions to their legal problems.

As the founder, Sheree is committed to solving the problem of not enough representation and diversity in Arizona’s judicial system. She knows this is a big barrier to the system being truly fair and just.

“Arizona’s judges are disproportionately white and male, which undoubtedly threatens the court’s ability to deliver fair and impartial justice, Sheree states.

What helps Sheree get through all of these difficult moments and keep fighting her fight is that she has a powerful mindset. Even on the bad days, she knows that she is doing more to help people everywhere.  To find out more about Sheree Wright, IBF Law Group, and her other ventures here!