D’Andre Moorefield Created a New Way to Remember the Best Nights that Offer Both Interaction and Professional Quality.

A photograph can be something that families hold on to forever.  Whether it is an important memory, a funny moment, or a big event, photographs can be framed and passed down or just a fun way to remember any of these important days in your life. However, many people forget to take those pictures and or have to hire a professional photographer to be able to capture the pictures.

This is where D’Andre Moorefield and Social Hubb come into play. Social Hubb was created by D’Andre for the exact purpose of helping people remember important memories from their lives in new and interactive ways.

D’Andre himself knows what it is like to be worried that you haven’t captured a fun night that you would like to remember the next day. After a fun night with friends, D’Andre only had the pictures he had taken at a photobooth to look back on.

I was out at a bar with a few of my good friends and in the corner of the bar, there was an extremely bright ring light that caught my attention. At first, I didn’t know it was a photobooth. I walked over, examined it and started taking a few pictures. I sent the pictures to myself and continued on with my evening. The next morning, I woke up and pretty much had no idea what happened the night before after 6 PM. The only thing that brought my memory back to me were the pictures I took at that really cool photo booth the night before,” D’Andre recounts.

Because of this, D’Andre was struck by the idea of creating a better, more interactive experience that people can use in any restaurant, venue, or event. He offers four different types of interactive photo booth experiences. The first is the 360 booth. Like the device we are used to watching on the red carpet, the 360 booth has a raised platform with a camera circling the user allowing them to create dynamic photos, boomerangs, and gifs.

The next product that they offer for venues is called the magic mirror. An interactive mirror with a touch screen, this the latest technology in interactive picture taking. For many users, this is the simplest method for taking pictures communicating with users with graphics, voices, and fun animations, while also not taking up much space for a given venue.

Finally, the last product they offer is a halo photo booth using the new and powerful halo lighting system. Like many people have seen on social media, the halo light offers a great glow to illuminate the subject. The booth component comes with an ipad to deliver a more modern take on the classic photo booth while still achieving the same goal.

D’Andre has other big plans for himself and for Social Hubb. Though he can’t say what they are outright, they are things that everyone should be excited for!

“I can’t fully give away much detail for what I have coming next, but let’s just say it will be a platform that will allow people to work directly with me, in helping them create either a passive or active income. Stay tuned!” D’Andre states.

To find out more about D’Andre, follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.