Bayo Adebowale Is The Successful Real Estate Investor and Agent Who Is Making an Extraordinary Impact on Today’s Society

When done correctly, real estate is one of the most popular, profitable, and stable investment choices that can generate a high profit return. The advantages of investing in real estate include the ability to generate wealth, use equity as leverage, and protect your money from inflation. In addition, there are immeasurable benefits to investing in real estate, like improving your community, providing housing, and building a network.

In that sense, Bayo Adebowale is an expert real estate investor and agent, as well as a serial entrepreneur, who was  born into a family of entrepreneurship. At a very early age, Bayo started learning the art or trade from his dad. In fact, he learned negotiation skills, being a man of integrity, taking risks, delegating tasks, becoming a person of value and much more!

He left his hometown, in Nigeria, to pursue his American dream in 2012. Currently, Bayo is a successful businessman who is helping thousands of people within his industry. He is also the founder of a nonprofit called “Empower Future Leaders” with the sole aim of helping people pursue their greatest potential.

“For me, success means to accomplish whatever you plan your life to be. For me, it’s to create time freedom with my family and kids, to be able to impact the world with my non profit organization, and to build a successful business that can help other people care for their family!”, Bayo shares.

For as long as he can remember, Bayo has had a strong passion for real estate. He started learning real estate investing in 2014 and eventually decided to become a real estate agent as well in Houston, Texas.  To date, he has been investing in real estate since 2015 and now owns several investment properties. What’s more, he is planning to purchase a 100 unit multifamily apartment builder really soon!

“I’m living for my own purpose by helping people buy and sell real estate, educating people in real estate, empowering people in my community by putting out messages on social media, through my speaking engagements, and now through my book! Everyone that comes across me or that crosses my path as I help them buy and sell real estate or they seek advises from me to create a better future for themselves I make sure to impact them in a positive way”, he adds.

In today’s society, Bayo has also risen to become a real estate industry leader in Houston Texas and Houston Texas suburb markets of Katy, Richmond, Cypress and Fulshear Texas. He has a deep passion for helping others pursue their greatest potentials through motivation, inspiration and empowering words and activities.

“The inspiration for me comes from the ability to build wealth through real estate and also to help people build wealth through real estate”, Bayo details.

He just published his first book, “Lessons from My dad, Six principles For

Building a Successful Life”, as a way to honor his father who was his biggest inspiration and a major part of his formative years. In addition, publishing a book had always been Bayo‘s dream, along with being a speaker, which is one of his long term goals!

“Learn and apply what you learn. You are going to fail and that’s okay. You fail and keep learning and doing, then eventually you become successful. Most importantly, let your foundation be built on God. For me, my foundation is built in God. I have lived life. I have tasted life and tasted God, I choose to stay with God every single time”, Bayo concludes.

To find out more about Bayo, check out his website here. You can also follow him on Instagram here.