Batbox –  Bringing baseball closer to people by offering the most interactive, competitive and social experience.

Batbox” is looking to revolutionize sports entertainment as the first experiential concept and technology centered on baseball, looking to bring the sport closer to people in America.

“Batbox” uses the most innovative and sophisticated technology in the world, Strikezon, the #1 baseball simulator, to offer a completely new experience, by combining HD screen simulation, high-speed camera sensors and an interactive pitching machine that allows up to 18 players to enjoy and compete in a real ball game, offering the most realistic indoor baseball experience and highest quality premium product on the market. 

Designed with a stadium-style experience in mind and featuring a dugout and batting field area, Batbox recreates the ballpark environment for guests with turns as both spectator and player. 

Batbox allows groups of up to 18 players to enjoy a real ball game, competing in teams or individually, against each other.

Every participant is customized to their play level, so everyone will be able to compete and enjoy the challenges in our 4 different game modes:

1. 3, 6 or 9 Inning game 

2. Home Run Derby 

3. Pitching Challenge 

4. Training Mode

Players will now feel the pressure of having their friends and family take the front row seats every time they swing. 

Opposite teams will have the opportunity to make it more challenging by choosing pitching speed, direction and creating a defensive strategy while their opposing team swings the ball.

“Batbox” partnered with Strikezon in 2020, as their official distributor in the USA and Mexico,  seeking to offer baseball, America’s national pastime, in a way which has never been approached before. 

Strikezon is part of Golfzon Newdin Group, the biggest indoor entertainment company in the world with more than 40,000 sports simulators installed in over 7,000 locations in +65 countries. Strikezon uses the same technology as Golfzon VISION, the best-selling golf simulator in the world and named best premium golf simulator by Golf Digest for 5 years in a row.


“Batbox” offers a turnkey solution to new or existing venues, who are looking to offer an innovative sports entertainment experience to their customers while adding a new business unit that will  generate revenue through hourly play, food, beverage and corporate events.

Whether it’s for an existing restaurant, sports bar, entertainment center, stadium, airport, shopping mall or hotel, Batbox can be anywhere. In a 15 x 36 ft. space, businesses will be able to create the ultimate entertainment baseball experience while maximizing revenue and generating a recurrent base of  loyal clients through leagues, tournaments and more.

“Batbox is the perfect experience, attraction and amenity to add into any new or existing venue looking to maximize revenue” – mentions Jose Vargas, CEO for VE Entertainment Group, holding company for Batbox.

“We are looking for new or existing businesses who want to join us in the mission to grow the game, and offer people all over America the opportunity to enjoy, interact and most importantly, compete in their favorite sport once again,” 

Since its foundation, Batbox has proven to be an attractive, profitable and scalable business, turning into one of the most important sports entertainment concepts in Mexico and Korea.

While there are batting cages designed for training, at present there is no baseball-focused entertainment concept that combines the virtual experience of playing baseball with a social atmosphere where everyone can play, compete and enjoy.

Other sports simulators rely on technology alone, Batbox combines high definition screen simulation and electronic sensors with real ball play—both pitching and at-bats—giving guests control over the way they interact with the game in an invigorating, physical experience. 

With exclusive rights to the innovative game system and a close relationship with the developers that allows for an evolution of the game in response to guest feedback, Batbox is uniquely positioned to dominate the market as the first entertainment concept focused on baseball.

“We will offer baseball fans and enthusiasts who stopped playing the game the opportunity to interact and enjoy once again competing in their favorite sport. “

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