‘All you heard was screaming’: Woman mistakenly dumped into bin lorry and compacted four times in New Hampshire

A woman has been left seriously injured after she was mistakenly dumped into the back of a bin lorry and compacted four times.

It is believed the woman was inside a bin when it was picked up by a lorry during its routine in Manchester, New Hampshire, the fire department said.

Stuck amid the rubbish, the woman was dumped into the hopper at the back of the vehicle and managed to survive as the waste was compacted four times.

“All you heard was screaming,” Amanda Czzowitz, a neighbor, told local media outlet Boston 25.

“She was in agony.”

She was finally spotted by a worker, who saw the woman on a camera fitted inside the vehicle.

It is unclear why she was in the bin or how long she had been in there before the lorry arrived.

The woman was standing and had been yelling for help when firefighters arrived, the fire department statement said.

Firefighters managed to rescue her using a stretcher that was lowered into the lorry via the roof using a crane.

“I have never seen one like this,” Ryan Cashin, Manchester fire chief, told NBC Boston.

The woman was taken to hospital with serious injuries, but her exact condition is unknown.